Students are required to wear full school uniform at all times during the school day.  Please read the important notice here regarding skirt length and religious items.


We recognise that school uniform is an expensive purchase for parents and carers and we aim to maintain a low number of Baylis Court branded items to keep this cost as low as possible.


Support for providing second hand uniform may be available via this link:  Uniform Express - Slough School Uniform | Slough For You (  Alternatively, should any family struggle to provide the uniform, please contact your child’s Head Of Year and the school will aim to support you.


Should your child/children outgrow Baylis uniform which your family no longer needs, please consider donating it to the school to support others families.  Thank-you.


  • Black regulation blazer with school badge on pocket
  • Plain black skirt or trousers (skirts must fall on or below the knee)
  • White regulation blouse with revere collar (V- shaped collar which does not button to the neck)
  • ‘Baylis blue’ jumper with logo
  • Plain white headscarf and white undercap (if required)
  • White/black socks, or black/plain natural coloured tights
  • Low heeled black shoes

Please note:

  • No short skirts, button through skirts or skirts with slits
  • Trousers must be tailored in style
  • Platform, high heeled, ‘sling back’ or open toed shoes are unsafe and not allowed
  • Trainers and canvas shoes are not acceptable for general school wear
  • No fake acrylic or gel nails due to health and safety
  • A watch and plain gold or silver ear stud, one in each ear and nowhere else can be worn
  • Hair: unnatural hair colours and unconventional styles or cuts are unacceptable
  • Hair accessories: plain, black only
  • T-shirts are not to be worn under blouses
  • Hoodies/PE wear should not be worn to or from school.


  • Baylis Court white polo shirt
  • Plain black shorts
  • Plain black jogging bottoms or Baylis logo tracksuit
  • Trainers (white)
  • Football boots
  • Black football socks
  • Shin pads
  • For Health and Safety reasons jewellery is not allowed to be worn during PE lessons.


Pupils are required to wear suitable dark coloured weatherproof coats and shoes, especially in bad weather, and for off site visits. Outdoor wear should be left in lockers and not carried around school.

Jewellery must not be worn except a watch and one plain stud per ear. Pupils may not wear make-up or nail varnish. Approval from the Head of Learning must be obtained before other jewellery is worn.


Uniforms can be purchased at School Days Direct. Their website can be accessed here: