Student Leadership Award

The Leadership Award is recognition that a student has shown all of the attributes of a successful leader. It isn't an easy award to achieve but all students are able to achieve the award because it relies on academic progress rather than ability.

To achieve the Leadership Award students must demonstrate excellent:

  • Academic Progress
  • Attitude to Learning
  • Attendance
  • Life Skills

A Baylis Court Leader

  • Tries their hardest to achieve their academic targets
  • Has excellent attendance and an excellent attitude to learning
  • Can demonstrate:
  • Organisation Skills
  • Resilience - never giving up
  • Initiative - does not wait to be asked
  • Communication Skills - works well in a team and communicates their ideas clearly to others
  • Develops different skills in their own time.

Students - How do you achieve the Leadership Award?

  1. Get as close as you can to your target grades
  2. Achieve average attendance of 97% or higher
  3. Achieve attitude to Learning of 1 or 2
  4. Achieve The Edge: Apprentice or Graduate
  5. Log 100 hours of enrichment or extracurricular activities in your planner:
  • After school clubs or out of school clubs, DofE, sports, academic, hobbies
  • Ask your club leader/teacher/coach to sign your planner.