Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form at Baylis Court School.  We are very proud of our Sixth Form and the opportunities we provide to our students.  Year on year, we strive to ensure that our students get the best possible outcomes.

In a recent survey of Sixth Form students’ parents, 97% of parents agreed that ‘The Sixth Form expects my child to work hard and achieve their best.’

When parents were asked what we do well, responses were very positive and included:

  • ‘Providing a good education to children. Updates regularly about the progress of the students. Engaging and involving parents in education and other school activities’
  • ‘Good communication between parents and teachers. If student is falling behind or absent, meetings with teachers and the head to discuss progress and plans’  
  • ‘Encouraging students to learn harder and be well behaved’
  • ‘Keeping everyone safe’

As well as the academic benefits of studying at Baylis Court School, sixth formers enjoy a well-furnished common room, study room, all day access to our school library and the school canteen.

Please take the time to look through the sections of our website.  If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Excellent attendance is an important factor which will enable you to achieve success in the Sixth Form. We have developed a Sixth Form Attendance Requirement which is important for you to read. If you have any questions, please ask.

Download the Sixth Form Attendance Requirement here

Work Experience in the Sixth Form

At Baylis Court School Sixth Form we pride ourselves on the vocational opportunities that we provide for our students. We work closely with ‘Learning to Work’ to ensure that all of our pupils are guaranteed a one week work experience placement in the summer term in Year 12. Students undergo an interview process to find out their areas of interest and the skills they need to develop for future employers. Students are then either provided with a tailored placement or have the opportunity of choosing their own.

Sixth Form Leadership Award

At Baylis Court School we aim to ‘inspire the leaders of tomorrow’ and in the Sixth Form this is no different. Sixth Form students have the opportunity to partake in the Leadership Award which sets out to recognise and reward students who show significant leadership both in school and in the local community. There are three awards to work towards:

  • Bronze – 1 long term* leadership position alongside 1 other leadership role. Students will also need to partake in a community project.
  • Silver – 2 long term* leadership position alongside 3 other leadership roles. Students will also need to partake in a community project.
  • Gold - 3 long term* leadership position alongside 3 other leadership roles. Students will also need to partake in a community project.

The students are responsible for the organisation the award and students will receive their awards during the award ceremony in June of each academic year.

        *‘Long term’ is defined as being for at least 7 weeks


As well as their academic studies, students are offered enrichment opportunities in the Sixth Form at Baylis Court. The purpose is to develop our students’ character, broaden their horizons, keep active and develop both the skills needed to apply and cope with further education and employment. Students are off timetable for one period each week where they are expected to put their study aside.

Students have enjoyed a huge variety of talks, activities and workshops over the last year, such as Boxercise classes, presentations from Royal Holloway University and the charity Animal Aid, finance workshops led by HSBC, study skills sessions, Bollywood dancing and community based projects.


The Education Skills and Funding Agency have made available funds for post-16 students to support their progress where learning has been disrupted.  At Baylis Court School, we intend to use this to support post-16 students who are yet to pass their Maths GCSE. These students were unable to receive the full range of support on offer after schools were closed and were unable to sit their examinations in the academic year 2019/20. The money will be used to provide small group tuition for these students, in order to ensure they have the best possible chance of passing their Maths GCSE before completing their post-16 programme of study.


Sixth Form Smart Dress Code

Sixth Form Text Book List

Sixth Form Text Book List


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