About Us

Baylis Court School is a Department for Education Academy with Specialist Arts Status for girls from 11-19 years of age which is located in the Borough of Slough, Berkshire. We offer a dynamic and vibrant learning environment which enables each individual to reach their full academic potential.

We aim to develop the potential of all our pupils to enjoy a full personal life and to take an informed and responsible role in a rapidly changing society. We expect pupils to carry into adult life, a sense of achievement and their own personal code of moral values. They should take with them the joy of creativity and learning and a wish to continue their education.

We aim to ensure that each of our pupils will:
  1. realise their full academic potential and achieve recognised qualifications

  2. be adaptable and resilient so that they will adjust to a rapidly changing world

  3. be confident in making decisions and acting upon them

  4. be tolerant of others and ready to work with people of different ages, races and walks of life

  5. appreciate achievement in all areas of human endeavour


Baylis Court School is a member of The Thames Learning Trust. Click here to learn more about the Trust