The Library

The Library at Baylis Court School provides a dynamic but studious environment.  It is ICT equipped and can be used as both a haven for quiet reflection and an area where students may work effectively individually or in groups. The Library is used on a daily basis as a study room by our Sixth Form.

Whilst providing a suitable space and adequate resources for study, the library environment will foster a love of books and reading for both pleasure and purpose. This will empower students to become lifelong learners as well as providing a rich world of entertainment and diversion. The lure of the written word can bring a lifetime of pleasure and readers are leaders!

The library promotes mutal consideration for all users. All members of the school community are equally valued and work together in a supportive atmosphere of tolerance and good humour. The Librarian encourages every student to be the best that they can be in their endeavours and fully supports the Baylis Court ethos and expectations.

The library collection includes a wide range of popular fiction and appropriate non-fiction text.  The catalogue also includes eBooks, curriculum specific weblinks and online author videos. All this and more can be accessed via our online library portal,, using the link below.

Eclipse Online Library Resource

Eclipse Interface Quick Start Guide