Charity Events

An important aspect of the education at Baylis Court School is to instil in the students the idea of service towards others.  Service may come in many forms.  One of the ways Baylis Court enables students to offer service is by facilitating opportunities for them to raise money for those who are in a less fortunate position than themselves.

Charity events at Baylis Court School are organised and run by Mrs Howkins (Assistant Principal), the Student Leadership Team and the Social Action Group (year 13). 

The students and staff at Baylis Court School have worked hard to raise large sums of money.  Previous activities include mufti days, talent shows and staff v student netball games.

2021-22 Charity Fundraising/Awareness events:

Term 1: Enterprise Activity (Slough Refugees)

Term 2: Mufti day (Children in Need), Breast Cancer Awareness (Sakoon Through Cancer) and Christmas Jumper Day (Save the Children)

Term 3: Food hampers (Slough food bank)

Term 4: Fundraising activities (Comic Relief)

Term 5: Overnight sleep (Slough Homeless)

Term 6: Afternoon tea / performing arts showcase (Local care home)

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