Accessibility Arrangements

Please let our office know if you have any accessibility requirements prior to your visit

Visiting our school and accessibility

Examples of procedures:

  • assigning a member of staff to be responsible for meeting your access needs when you want to be shown around the school - for example, if you are blind or visually impaired (so you can familiarise yourself with the school's layout)
  • making sure the school is accessible, if you are a wheelchair user by using ramps
  • providing parking for you, if you have disabilities
  • allowing a parent/visitor with disabilities to be accompanied by their support and registered assistance dog, if visually impaired

Parents' evenings, school events and meetings with staff

Examples of how we support parents with access needs:

  • using a pen and notepad to communicate with you, if you are deaf or hearing impaired
  • allowing more time for one-to-one meetings
  • holding a meeting in an accessible location, for example, to avoid stairs, if you have impaired mobility

If you have any accessibility needs that are listed above or otherwise, please call our office on 01753 531760 or contact us through prior to your visit.