Severe Weather Information

Information for Parents and Pupils

In the event of adverse weather conditions it is possible that the school may have to close, sometimes for the day, in which case a decision will be usually taken early in the morning.  However occasionally, if conditions seriously deteriorate during the course of the day, a decision may be taken to close school early in the interests of ensuring that students and staff get home safely.

Early Morning School Closure Decision

The decision about closure will be made by the Principal and students should not decide for themselves that school is ‘closed’.  When deciding whether to close the school the following are taken into consideration:

  • Which buses, if any, are running (this decision is made by the bus companies and not the school):

  • Whether sufficient staff will be able to get to school to supervise pupils safely;

  • The probability of conditions worsening so making journeys home very difficult, e.g. buses cancelled.

If we do need to close the school, we will make an announcement on the school website and send a text message to parent’s mobiles or home phones.  We would ask parents and pupils, wherever possible to refer to the website, rather than telephoning the school or relying on local radio stations, who have occasionally given out inaccurate information when severe weather has continued for several days.  The announcement will be clearly visible on the home page of our website.  When reading this information, please check the date carefully, it is unusual for us to know the day before that the school will definitely be closed and the decision about closure is usually made between 7.00 – 7.30am.

If you are unable to access the website, then you are advised to listen to local radio stations, who at regular intervals, give details of school closures.  We will notify the following radio stations:

  • BBC Radio Berkshire 95.4 and 104.1 FM

If you are still in any doubt as to whether or not the school is open, the following procedures apply:


  • Students taking Public Examinations: even if buses are not running and the school is closed, we will make every effort to put on special arrangements for students taking public examinations.Where possible, these students are asked to make private arrangements to come into school as it may not be possible to re-sit these.These exams will take place in the School hall and students should enter using the main entrance.

Closure during the Course of the School Day

If a decision is taken to close early, following consultation with bus companies and if appropriate, the Local Authority, a bulletin will be posted on the homepage of the school website confirming the time the school will close.  Local radio stations (see above) will also be advised and we will send text messages to parents to their mobile phones.  Please ensure that we have up to date records, so we can rely on reaching all parents by this method.

  • BBC Radio Berkshire 95.4 and 104.1 FM