School Admissions

Baylis Court School is an 11-18 Specialist Arts Academy for girls with a clear vision for academic excellence. As a Specialist Arts Academy the Governors are the Admissions Authority for Baylis Court School and are responsible for all decisions about admissions.  Applications for admission should be made via Slough Borough Council's website here

The 2018 Published Admission Number (PAN) for Year 7 is 160.

Places are allocated according to the following criteria:-

  • Children in public care
  • Special Educational Needs (ECHP)
  • Specialist Arts Academy Places (10% of places are allocated via performing arts auditions)
  • Children of staff in the school (conditions apply)
  • Siblings, twins and same-year siblings


10% of places are allocated via dance or drama auditions. Applications for 2019/20 entry are now closed. Further details for aptitude admissions will be published in September 2019..

 Further information can be found in our promotion leaflet.

To apply, please complete this application form and return it to school no later than 3pm on Thursday 3rd October 2019.


Appeals shall be heard in accordance with the Schools Admission Appeals Code of Practice. Under this Code of Practice the school exercises its right not to consider further appeals for the same child within the same academic year.

Appeals will only be heard from parents who have first sought admission and been refused.  Please contact Slough Borough Council if you would like to appeal against non-admission.

The school will agree any changes to its admissions with the Secretary of State for Education. Details of admissions and appeals arrangements will be published each year.