Pupil Premium

All schools receive a Pupil Premium Grant to support the education of disadvantaged students. We are proud to be a regional winner in the Pupil Premium Awards, which recognises the impact of how we have used the grant to support our disadvantaged students. For more information, have a look at the following reports.


Pupil Premium Spend and Impact Reports


Key Stage 4 Pupil Premium Case Studies


Year 7 Catch Up Premium Spend and Impact Reports


Year 11 Pupil Premium Attainment and Targets

Targets 2018-2019  
Targets 2017-2018 Attainment 2017-2018
Targets 2016-2017 Attainment 2016-2017
Targets 2015-2016 Attainment 2015-2016
Targets 2014-2015 Attainment 2014-2015
Targets 2013-2014 Attainment 2013-2014