Heads of Learning

Each year group has a Head of Learning who leads all form tutors in that year group. Heads of Learning are responsible for the following:-

  • liaising with parents as required;
  • responsibility for the discipline, progress and pastoral care of their students;
  • organising events for their year group, including parents' evenings;
  • monitoring student's ongoing academic progress and guiding form tutors in the setting and review of student targets to further improve academic progress;
  • overseeing internal examinations for their year group;

Our Heads of Learning report to the Director of Learning. You can contact the Director of Learning or our Heads of Learning via the main school telephone number, 01753 531760 or by email:-

Mrs Nanalal, Director of Learning
Mrs Davies, Year 7:
Miss Khan, Year 8:
Miss Mathews,Year 9:
Mr Atherton, Year 10
Miss Verma, Year 11: 
Mr Wright, Sixth Form: