At Baylis Court School, Design and Technology (D&T) is taught through two subject areas: Food Preparation & Nutrition and Product Design. In D&T students develop practical and technical skills combined with creative thinking to design and make products that meet human needs. They learn to understand the importance of working through the design process in order to develop a product creatively and which, in turn, aims to improve quality of life.

The aim of the D&T Department is to offer equal opportunities to all students.  We achieve this by offering a broad, balanced curriculum, which allows students to achieve their maximum potential. Programmes of study are translated into differentiated schemes of work to match the ability, attitude and developmental level of each individual.

We strive to stimulate a lasting interest in learning through problem-solving and technological activities. We attempt to help students to develop their imagination, sensitivity and creative responses to a wide range of aesthetic experiences and in different contexts.

D&T has an important part to play in helping all students to acquire knowledge and skills that will be needed for them to take an active role in future developments. The study of D&T fosters a wide range of life skills and transferable work skills and qualities, which employers and we value as a society. Students need to cooperate with one another and have a responsible attitude towards health and safety. Students should develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally and to apply themselves to tasks and skills, both on their own and in groups, to plan the use of time, resources and equipment and adapt to new technologies.

As a department, we promote high standards of academic achievement through designing, making and evaluating results. We work together as an enthusiastic team and promote an environment where all students develop personal responsibility and self-motivation but consider the needs and achievements of others.



Design Technology is taught in 3 specialist rooms. The air-conditioned Food Preparation room is fully equipped with electric and gas cookers, a blast chiller, and a wide range of equipment, including food processors, and pasta machines. This and the Product Design room also have interactive white-boards and projectors. The Product Design studio has ten networked computers, A3 colour-printing facilities, a Roland Camm1 CNC machine (vinyl & card cutting), a Sublimation printer and heat-press and 3D printers. The Product Design workshop offers students a wide range of facilities for working with all wood, plastics and metals, including a Roland Modela MDX-15 - a Computer Numerically Controlled milling and engraving machine and another 3D Printer. The department also has its own bank of 15 dedicated laptops, CAD/CAM embroidery sewing machine, and plastics oven.

We are looking to continually update our resources in line with curriculum updates.


Pupils can enjoy D&T activities outside of lessons through a range of clubs we offer, including:

  • Junior Master Chef competions
  • Pop-Up Cooking Clubs
  • Product Design Clubs
  • STEM activities
  • Support sessions for GCSE students



The Design and Technology team consists of 3 teaching staff supported by a technician:

Mrs J. Caudrelier (Head of Department)

Mr M. Atherton (Teacher)

Ms L. Devaney (Teacher)

Mrs M. Wojtala (Technician)

Technology Date  
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