At the mathematics department we aim to create an environment where students can develop their full potential and achieve their very best. We have very high expectations of all our students and encourage and promote problem solving skills, excellent verbal and written and communication of mathematics and an appreciation of the applications of mathematics. We aim to develop thinking and mastery at all levels and across the range of mathematical topics, as well as encouraging students to recognise mathematical experiences in other curricular areas. Students are also shown the relevance and importance of Mathematics to the real world and the impact it has.

In Years 7 and 8 students develop their mathematical skills covering the topics of Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics through mastery and Singapore Maths teaching and learning approaches. Students are assessed regularly to ensure they are developing their thinking skills and meeting their personal target.

Starting from Year 9, students prepare for GCSE exams in mathematics. More able students will also prepare to take an additional GCSE (OCR Additional Maths in Year 11) giving them experience of A Level work.

The A level Mathematics course is becoming a more popular option in our sixth form. Students sit the Edexcel exam in Year 12 and 13.

Staff are keen to inspire and motivate their students and the subject is presented in a wide variety of ways. We provide opportunities to extend our more able students and arrange various activities including entry into UK Maths Challenge competitions, UK Team Challenges and additional qualifications. Lunch time and after school workshops are provided to support and help students to extend, consolidate and build more confidence in this subject. Regular after school enrichment activities and Monthly Maths Puzzle competitions are organised to engage all abilities.

The GCSE Mathematics A*-C results have improved year on year. In 2015 we achieved 72% and that was surpassed this year by 81% in 2016. We are very pleased with the result of 100% achieving A*-B in Further Mathematics. Our GCSE Further Maths results were 80 % A*-A in 2015, going up to 100% this year. Our A Level results in 2015 were 68% A*-C and 63% this year.


Head of Department (KS4 focus): Ms Y. Poon

Second in Department (KS5 focus): Ms N. Chauhan

KS3 Co-ordinator: Miss A Saeed

Numeracy Co-ordinator: Miss E. Hayes


Miss L. Andrews

Miss K. Grist

Ms A. Hussein

Mrs G. Kundi

Ms K. Poonian

Miss A. Saeed

Mr K. Shah


Teaching Assistants

Mrs U. Hafeez

Mrs V. Kapoor


Student Maths Resources