This is a very practical and interesting subject and therefore it is a popular option at GCSE and A level.

We offer a variety of courses at different levels to provide a more flexible approach. This enables students to study the subject in a manner which is best suited to their learning styles. It is designed to prepare students for the rapidly changing business world and give them an understanding of the dynamics of business activity.

Business Studies covers a wide range of ever changing topics which include:

  • Aims and Objectives – importance of SMART aims and how objectives of larger businesses might differ from small businesses (SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reviewed and Timely).
  • Marketing – how businesses promote themselves including online marketing.
  • Finance – looking at where to obtain funds and how to manage budgets and accounts.
  • Human Resources – importance of a good team of staff and how to motivate and retain them.
  • The External Environment – factors such as the state of the economy, competition and laws set which impact on the way the business operates.
  • Production and Operations – day to day running of the business and operational management.
  • Setting up your own business – business plans and resources needed to run a successful enterprise.

We have a highly dedicated and enthusiastic team of specialist business teachers within the department. Lessons are delivered using a variety of teaching and learning strategies with examples of real life businesses used as case studies. Very good links with local businesses have been developed and guest speakers from these organisations are often invited.

Educational visits to local, national and international businesses give our course the cutting edge which places learning in the context of the real world.  For more detailed information on what the course offers at each key stage, please follow the link below.


Miss S. Fazal (Head of Department), Ms C. Isles (Business Teacher), Ms B. Doal (Trainee Business Teacher).

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