Another Successful Year for A Level Students

Posted on: August 15th 2019

Baylis Court staff and students are celebrating another successful year of A Level results with a 97% pass rate and 73% of grades A* to C. Earlier on this year, Sue Williamson, Chief Executive of SSAT (Schools, Students and Teachers Network) congratulated the school on achieving a national award this year ‘to recognise the quality of leadership and the hard work of all staff to ensure the success of every child’.

The school’s mission, ‘Inspiring leaders of tomorrow’ underpins all of the school’s work. Every student is expected, encouraged and supported to achieve their very best academically. Five students were particularly happy: Amima Shahzadi who achieved three A grades (Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics), Ameenah Khan who achieved A* (Psychology), A (Law) and B (Mathematics), Zenab Malik who achieved an A (Government and Politics), A (Sociology) and B (Mathematics), Najma Suleyman who achieved A (Geography), A (Sociology), B (Government and Politics) and Najma Hassan who achieved an A (Biology), A (Sociology) and C (Chemistry).

Baylis Court School’s Principal, Mr Hinds, said, ‘These results are another example of the benefits of the stimulating learning environment provided by our staff in which our students blossom and thrive, and where their distinct qualities are developed until each one is ready for the challenges of adult life. All of our students are supported and guided onto the next stage of their educational pathway.’



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