Baylis Sixth Form - Government and Politics Lessons from the eye of a Sixth Former

Posted on: March 9th 2018

Baylis Sixth Form – Engaging lessons to challenge your way of thinking


Government and politics is a subject which makes you question the world around you I’ve thoroughly enjoyed learning about politics for the past two years. Currently we have just finished nationalism which looks into extreme parties and influences across Britain, Europe and America.

By learning about the UK system – the theory behind it, as well as a strong emphasis on current affairs in Britain I have learnt how to approach and accept peoples views in general. My lessons are ones which I rarely forget, I always talk about them afterwards and I think that with this particular subject and the topics that are covered you’re really engaging with different views on different cultures and the influences that make you want to learn about current affairs.

A key element that I’ve picked up from the past two years is always walking into politics classroom and straightaway being able to debate. It doesn't matter what you debate about as long you put your point across and always listen to others. Politics is a subject which everybody needs to have a knowledge of whether it be just listening to the news or being fully engaged with lessons and articles. When I leave Baylis I will always think highly of my Government & Politics lessons because they have taught me how to debate and listen to people. It has truly been memorable.

Charlotte Gill
Year 13 Government and Politics student, Head girl