Year 11 Revision Tips from a Student

Posted on: February 27th 2017

By now most of Year 11 should have gotten their revision timetable sorted, but if you haven’t, don’t fret just yet, I have a few tips to keep you going: Be sure to start nice and early so you’re not panicking a month before your exam, however this is easier said than done.

Start off by taking key quotations out of Macbeth or Buddhism and stick them EVERYWHERE; on your fridge, bedroom door, walls, EVERYWHERE. Gradually over the space of a few days, you’ll know them like the back of your hand. Be sure to refresh them with new teachings/quotations every week or so.

Another quick tip, don’t spend a large amount of your revision time making notes look pretty, the neatest handwriting and drawings are not always important and we often get carried away.

Find your suited style of revision and stick with it – flash cards don’t work for everyone, neither do revision videos. Finding the best way of revision can make it more enjoyable and encourage you to revise. Don’t be afraid to mix up revision styles every once in a while either.

Set realistic expectations, you probably aren’t going to complete 4 hours of revision every day, so don’t pressure yourself to. Create or adjust your revision timetable in the same way, this’ll allow you to stick with it and keep routine.

These are a few tips to keep you going for the next few dreary, daunting months. All the best.

Zara Akhtar