Our aim is for 100% of students to achieve at least five GCSEs at A*-C or (9 to 5 using the new GCSE grading) by the time they reach the end of Year 11. We expect our students to achieve good GCSEs including RE, English, Mathematics and either Double Science or Triple Sciences (Physics, chemistry and Biology).

The Baylis Court School curriculum has excellent English and Mathematics teaching to provide the strongest possible platform for success in all subjects.  We will set very high achievement targets for all students and organise the curriculum and teaching to make it possible for all pupils to reach their targets.  Students entering the school with attainment below the level expected for their age will follow a curriculum designed to accelerate their progress so that they can participate fully and this will mean more intensive support in literacy and numeracy for some children.

We offer a full curriculum at GCSE and A Level and a selection of other courses to ensure a programme which challenges and meets the needs of all students.

Baylis Court School aims to help everyone within the school community to make the most of every ability they have been given; to achieve academic excellence and to prepare well for adult life in a modern and diverse society.

Visit the Departments section of the website to view more detailed information about the curriculum offered by each. 

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In March 2014, the Department for Education (DfE) published information for schools on assessment and the National Curriculum from September 2014.  The DfE announced that national curriculum levels would be removed as the national method of assessment at Key Stage 3.

Therefore, we have developed a new system of assessment at Key Stage 3 which is based on the criteria based assessment system that is linked to the GCSE grading of 1 to 9.

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