Law is a popular choice of A Level here at Baylis Court School.

During this course, students will learn about the English legal system and sources of law, including the organisation of the criminal and civil courts, the role of judges and legal professionals; the training of and the routes to qualifying as a solicitor and barrister. Students gain knowledge and understanding of the penal system, the sentencing of adult offenders, and the pros and cons of our jury system. In Year 13, students are expected to demonstrate a greater depth of study of criminal law, including murder, theft, assault, and defences including insanity and intoxication. They will review real cases, analyse and solve scenario problems by applying legal rules.

The study of law is a challenging but rewarding option. The course aims to encourage students to develop knowledge, understanding application of the law; researching skills; and strong verbal and written communication skills. This course enables students to learn how to analyse situations and apply legal rules and principles to a scenario. They are also given the opportunity to examine, understand and explore their rights and responsibilities.

There are also opportunities to visit local Magistrate Courts, Crown Courts as well as Royal Courts of Justice and Parliament in London, plus a possible trip abroad to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasburg, France. In addition, there is an opportunity to attend a Law Conference in London and take part in mini Mock Trials.

Members of Staff

Miss S Fazal: Head of Department