School Executive Team

  • Student Voice is run by the School Executive Team who are selected from across all year groups.
  • The School Executive Team is like a prefect team, focusing on both whole-school and specific areas of interest and working with staff to make improvements.

Head Girl

Hana Khan (12 Austen)
and Amna Saeed (11 Nightingale)

 My aims and value of the SET team: It is important to express shared views within the school, and as Head Girl I will make it my priority to channel such views and make real change.

Head Girl of KS5

Kainaat Safder (13 Keller)

I'm Kainaat Safdar, the Head Girl for Sixth Form.
6th Form is the final and most difficult stage of school, and my role is to help make sure it goes smoothly and is a rewarding experience

Head of Year 11

Khadija Sharif (11 GT)

I'm Khadijah and as Head Girl of Year 11 I want to
work with my head of year to make this year memorable for my year group

Head of Year 10

Simran Sehra (10 Pankhurst)

I'm Simran Sehra and I am the head girl of Year Ten. 
I aim to work together to solve any issues my year group has and to bring a change for the better. I will make this year the best possible year for the year tens from my determination and hard work.

Head of Year 9

Azkia Irshad (9 Pankhurst)

I wanted to be on the SET team because I wanted to
make a difference, be a voice for students and also
be a part of the changes made to the school. 

Head of Year 8

Rachana Cabampaty (8 GT)

My name is Rachana Cambampaty and I am year 8 head girl.
I am a very enthusiastic and lively girl, I feel very priviliged to be on the SET team and want to make Year 8 an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Head of Year 7

Muskan Sharma (7 Pankhurst)

I wanted to be head girl of year 7 because I think I can be a excellent leader and  organised. I am confident and unique in my own way.

STEM Manager

Zara Akhtar (11 Austen)

I'm Zara Akhtar, and I'm here if you have any problems regarding the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). I'll be working alongside your teachers to bring you an enjoyable education in these subjects, which you may want to pursue in your future.  Watch this space for trips, workshops and creative revision tips.

EAL Manager

Jasleen Kaur (8 GT)

I  love my job as EAL Manager already and
I will work hard this academic year, with
passion and interest.

Performing Arts Manager

Na'imah Bowen (9 Anderson)
& Kirsten Arenas (11 Nightingale)

Kirsten - My name is Kirsten and i am one of your performing arts managers, I am extremely thrilled to be part of the set team;I promise to hear you out and bring innovative ideas forward. Remember your voice matters
Na'imah - I believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the magic of the expressive and enjoyable arts .  This year, I aim to make the performing arts more accessible to even those who did not choose the subjects."

Arts Media Manager

Salwa Irfan (11 Anderson)

This is an opportunity to showcase my abilities and potential. I believe that I have proven that I can do whatever I put my mind to and being chosen for the role of Arts Media Manager is exactly I needed. 

PE  Manager

Manisha Kohli (12 Austen)

On the SET team I am keen to further my knowledge of Physical Education and make PE a more well known and important subject around school

Literacy Manager

Jaspreet Sangha (10 Nightingale)

The SET team is an amazing opportunity for me
to make a difference in this school and as Literacy
Manager I aim to be a motivational and inspirational
figure for all pupils.