Social Sciences

GCSE Health & Social Care

Specification: Edexcel

Qualification: Single award


The content includes teaching all about health, social care and early years provision and how personal development can affect our overall health as we grow up.


If you are interested in and want ultimately to work with people, this may be the course for you. This GCSE course gives you the background knowledge and develops the skills needed by anyone considering working with people.


  • Unit 1: Understanding Personal Development and Relationships - Externally assessed through one examination of 1 hour and 15 minutes. 40% of overall mark.


  • Unit 2: Exploring Health Social Care and Early Years Provision (Controlled Assignment) - Internally assessed. 60% of overall mark.



Taught as a complete A-level, Psychology is one of the most popular subjects studied in the Sixth Form.

Member of Staff: Miss S. Sutton (Teacher of Psychology)



Taught at AS and A2 level, Sociology is another popular subject studied in the Sixth Form.

Members of Staff: Ms. Janet Bowen, Mrs. Sarah Gosling.